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🎥 Zoom Codes for Karate for W/C 27th April🥋:
🚨These codes are valid for all weekday classes for the next 6 weeks.🚨
Just choose the code that’s the same time as the class you want to join. No passwords required.👍🏼

6.00 & 6.30 All Grades
7.00 Black Belts

‪6pm - Monday, Thursday and Friday‬

‪6:30pm - Monday‬

‪7pm - Monday, Thursday and Friday‬

Kensho Karate
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Hi everyone, hope you’re all staying safe and enjoyed your weekend. 😊
Here is this week’s class schedule

Monday 6pm  & 6.30pm- Ross Temple 🥋
Monday 7pm - Lee Lamb🥋

Thursday 6pm & 7pm - Christine Pullan🥋

Friday 6pm & 7pm - Hannah Johnston

6pm & 6.30pm Classes = All grades
7pm Classes= Black Belts

‪ID: 772-2375-3321‬
Password: 5sLa99

6.30pm Open to all grades
Heian Kata's 
Meeting ID: 454 467 861

‪ID: 771-9161-9437‬
Password: 0vefC7

‪ID: 757-9510-1344‬
Password: 1f6FPX

‪ID: 730-2379-5767‬
Password: 2kXw6R

‪Friday ‬
‪ID: 744-2349-2058‬
Password: 8cLPm3

‪ID: 795-6127-3452‬
Password: 3a6Ddi
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6pm - Meeting ID: 542 440 016

454467861 - Meeting ID: 454 467 861

7pm: - Meeting ID: 801 234 392


ID: 745-7991-8573
Password: 7GP7W2


ID: 770-1066-2586
Password: 2E3yeZ


ID: 766-6459-3440
Password: 2vyRZP

ID: 740-4156-5409
Password: 8xtqpw

‪Meeting ID: 213 650 9370‬
‪Password: 180603‬

‪Meeting ID: 213 650 9370‬
‪Password: 180603‬


Monday 13th 6pm + 6:30pm
Ross Temple 🥋 - Kensho Karate Coach

Monday 13th 7pm
Lee Lamb 🥋 - Chief Instructor at Kensho Karate

Thursday 16th 6pm and 7pm
Gordon Mathie 🥋 - Head of TKA Scotland

Friday 17th 6pm and 7pm
Dan Woods 🥋 - Head Coach of Kanzen Karate Scotland

Saturday 18th 9am and 10am
Douglas Ball 🥋 - Kensho Karate Coach

The 6pm & 6.30pm classes are for All grades and 7pm classes are for Black belts. Both Saturday classes are for all grades.

Thank you again for your involvement and support for the online classes.

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Dear Parents & Students

I hope everyone is well and staying home over the Easter Weekend.  I know I'll be eating plenty of eggs.  That said, we'll all need to do some exercise after eating our body weight in chocolate.  Therefore, I'll be starting free Virtual ZOOM lessons from Easter Monday which will run every Monday through the summer term to make sure all students keep progressing (plus parents are welcome to join in!!).  Please also note there will be other Kensho Instructors delivering classes on other nights of the week which your welcome to join in.  I will keep everyone updated with the links and you can basically do as much or as little as you like!

My Monday classes will be as follows.

6.00pm Open to all grades - Kion and Kumite Drills - Meeting ID: 542 440 016

6.30pm Open to all grades - Heian Kata's - Meeting ID: 454 467 861

7.00pm Brown and Black belts only - Advanced training - Meeting ID: 801 234 392

If your child would like to join any of the above classes here is a simple Step by Step Guide.

STEP 1 - Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings app
STEP 2 - By 6pm every Sunday all scheduled classes will be listed on our website, click message board at the top, OR if you prefer Facebook you can search for Kensho Karate Message Board page.
STEP 3 - 5 minutes before the class starts just simply click the link(s) above (note the links will be valid for 6 weeks so you can just use this email), pleasemake sure the video is ON and the audio is OFF.
STEP 4 - Make sure you have as much room as possible and a drink.
STEP 5 - Maximum EFFORT!!

I hope I've covered everything, if you do have any questions please just email, text or call me, if I'm busy eating chocolate eggs I'll call you back!

Kind Regards
Sensei Ross
07771  346 815
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Please ignore, I'm just testing the system before I send full ZOOM training details.

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